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Oh Great,
Another Vampire Book

Roman McClary is a New England vampire sired during the Revolutionary War. He vows to never create a vampire himself given the existential pain it imposes. Now 2018, a great war between humans and vampires is nigh. Therefore, in the spirit of global mayhem he sires his girlfriend, a journalism student named Sara Fielding. Being vampires will protect them in a war they’re destined to win, right? 

Turns out, Roman was backed up on “life essence,” the mysterious substance giving vampires their power. He accidentally turns Sara into a god. Oops! Good thing they get help from a counsel of vampire elders including an ancient Greek with an eating disorder, and a former Romanian shepherd with a fake southern accent.


The first in Hunter’s satirical Oh Great series, readers journey through an absurd media landscape where Sara is viewed as a savior in our nation’s cultural divide, a reviled social justice warrior, and everything in between. In her global treks to sow world peace, she unveils the cyclical nature of human folly while crafting a plan to save the planet. Also, vampires shop for makeup at Sephora, and she makes Tucker Carlson throw up on live TV.

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