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Keanu Reeves & The Cosmic Nature Of Reality



It’s time to talk about Keanu Reeves. He’s been famous for decades with mixed reviews depending on what he’s cast in. It’s safe to say he shines when he can be his natural self, like in the classic River’s Edge. Here he depicts a high school kid in a circle of friends including the eccentric Crispin Glover and stunning Ione Sky. They’re outsider teens, not entrenched in society’s rules. Indy film cred was sealed early on for Keanu in Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho. He’s great as a young drifter acting alongside the late River Phoenix. It’s a bold role tackling non-mainstream topics at the time including gay sex and the practice of men hustling.

This brings me to why I’m talking about the movie star who appears more ruggedly handsome as he barely ages. It occurred to me that out of his many film roles, three stand out as directly related to salient topics in the cultural zeitgeist surrounding the cosmic nature of reality. Now more than ever people are talking about quantum physics as it relates to inter-dimensional timelines, the possibility of time travel, UFO disclosure, and our place in the universe.

Let’s start with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Not a serious movie, but one that directly addresses a next level quantum concept that boggles the mind: the idea that time travel, or hopping timelines, is possible. One could argue Everything, Everywhere, All At Once— for which Michelle Yeoh won her recent Oscar— depicts this with more sophistication, but hey, we’re talking about Keanu here.

Bill and Ted time travel with George Carlin in a phone booth. It functions as a craft outfitted with technology allowing the formation of its own gravitic field, rendering wormhole travel possible with no regard for distance. By this I mean the “bending” of time-space's fabric for point to point travel. There’s also the possibility the phone booth created and controlled wormholes, which is perhaps another way of saying the same thing. It’s difficult to articulate these concepts since I’m not a physicist. In any case this could explain the phenomenon of UFOs seeming to wink in and out of sight, as if their vibratory resonance changes before entering and exiting our dimension. (If you seek precise quantum physics information, you won’t find it in a blog on Keanu Reeves.)

The fact Bill and Ted are motivated by the need to complete a school report relates to another “current” topic of the Akashic field. Actually this esoteric concept has been around for centuries— some surmise it’s what’s referred to in the Bible as The Book of Life. It’s relevant now since podcasters and others in the spiritual community refer to it as an electronic field of information some claim to access by being in a particular brainwave state via meditation or trance.

I believe Edgar Cayce, known in his time (circa 1940) as the Sleeping Prophet, popularized the term “Akashic field” when he gained notoriety claiming to tap into it while in a trance state. He did this to verifiably diagnose many individuals’ medical conditions from a distance. Cayce also claimed to see in this field the ancient past including the Giza Plateau and Atlantis. His belief was that anyone could “attune” to a frequency allowing this— an apparent reference to brainwaves.

I’m not qualified to explain the exact mechanism behind the correlation of electrical brainwave activity attuning to an electrical field of information. (Keanu blogger here.) But I will say many believe the pineal gland in the center of our brains acts as a transducer due to micro-crystals covering this gland, often referred to as the third eye. (Keep in mind, the earliest radios used crystals for transduction.) I was struck by how this concept corresponds with Bill and Ted actively seeking information from historical figures like Beethoven and Socrates from an alternate realm.

The other iconic Keanu role highly relevant today is Neo in The Matrix. Being “red-pilled” has officially entered our lexicon as it relates to learning the truth behind an illusion. Neo is offered a red pill to understand the true human condition despite its unsettling nature, or a blue one to remain in the matrix/dream with all the other sheep. Literary folks will get the “red pill” reference from Alice in Wonderland when it comes to making a choice. Alice can take a pill to go deeper into the rabbit hole to learn and see more, or take another pill to wake up in bed to her normal life. One could argue the apple in the Garden of Eden is a cypher for a red pill. I’m picturing a red, juicy MacIntosh.

The Matrix is the movie du jour referenced as it relates to perceived reality being an illusion, as in the Buddhist notion of “maya”. Some relate this illusory aspect to the hypothesis we’re actually living in a simulation— an idea Elon Musk proposed. The hypothesis has something to do with the fractal nature of reality; you’ll have to ask Elon for more details.

I love the Wachowski’s boldness as filmmakers in exploring the most profound questions on the nature of reality. As an aside, their film Cloud Atlas with Tom Hanks riffs on this same concept of divergent realities co-existing— but they take it a step further by including “soul groups” composed of distinct personalities interacting in various branches of existence within some aspect of karma.

The third Keanu role related to hot button issues of the day is Klaatu from The Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu is a humanoid arrived on Earth in a spacecraft with an important message for humanity about saving the planet. The alien/spacecraft aspect relates to the Disclosure Movement. By this I mean disclosure on many fronts: the truth about UFOs, our planet’s history including the existence of ancient civilizations, and interstellar beings visiting Earth to alter human lives.

For many, true disclosure weighs heavily on what President Eisenhower referenced in his now famous speech warning of the military-industrial complex. That is, we should be wary of world affairs being marred by intentions controlled by this hidden entity. A prominent presence related to all of this is Dr. Steven Greer, a retired ER physician who formed the Disclosure Project. He took it upon himself to make it his life’s work to compile and organize credible whistleblower testimony related to all aspects of disclosure.

Dr. Greer has produced many documentaries that have become effective pedagogical tools to inform the public on all aspects related to Ufology and Disclosure. Greer’s thesis: It’s important to understand deception and manipulation on the part of a group to control the populace for corporate gain. Examples include the suppression of Tesla’s technology by fossil fuel companies or militaristic false flag events staged to promote the lucrative war machine.

I credit Dr. Greer with informing many about these topics in a cohesive way, although I can’t speak to how accurate he is about everything he says. I will say, before watching his films I was not aware of the history of “false flag” invasions, and the grim warning from the former Nazi aerospace engineer who eventually lead NASA, Wernher Von Braun. On his deathbed Von Braun stated the last and perhaps greatest card the military-industrial complex could play is staging a false alien attack.

Dr. Greer is particularly concerned about this topic thereby informing the public that some of the UFOs are ours, back-engineered from recovered alien vehicles. Therefore we shouldn’t necessarily believe every detail we hear in the mainstream news about aliens in spaceships posing a threat. In fact, he proposes we actively project peace towards interstellar beings who could have destroyed us at any time but instead have expressed concern for humanity’s use of nuclear weapons. I cannot speak to Greer’s categorical sentiment that all aliens have good intentions, but he does raise a good point about certain humans being quite dangerous.

On the topic of aliens and UFOs, there’s a sense our planet stands on a precipice teetering between true disclosure or reports of alien threats. Meanwhile, trickles of truth drip into the news, whetting our appetites for more. The recent senate hearing involving high ranking testimony on back-engineered alien crafts and the recovery of alien bodies is enticing. With bi-partisan support from Senators Marco Rubio and Kirsten Gillibrand, the legal community has also stepped up to alter laws related to former NDAs (non disclosure agreements). Now more than ever credible whistleblowers are coming forward to reveal the truth about UFOs/UAPs with no fear of legal recourse.

Greer’s films have made a deep impression on many including Dr. Michael Salla who changed the direction of his career as a professor at American University in D.C. to dedicate his expertise to the Disclosure Movement. Salla is uniquely positioned to pursue this task with a PhD in Government Affairs specializing in conflict resolution. Dr. Salla’s podcast, Exopolitics, is a rare one focused on complex geo-political and historical issues involving interstellar beings. Like Dr. Greer, he is interested in arming the public with information to assuage panic in the event of a false flag alien threat situation.

The content he explores would be considered radical to someone new to the world of Ufology. At a glance I’m referring to cloaked motherships currently in our atmosphere, and small aerial spheres connected to these ships people report seeing all over the world. He interviews people who communicate with interstellar beings via channeling who relay information about a galactic federation reminiscent of Star Trek. (Keep in mind it’s established that Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, was involved in the 1970’s with the Council of Nine, an extraterrestrial group channeled through a psychic.) Salla also interviews scientists who address topics such as the Earth’s magnetic grid harnessed by ancient beings who understood that pyramids and other megalithic structures function as conduits for this energy via crystals and other materials within the rock when they are placed at particular latitudes.

Dr. Salla has a dry, straightforward approach that dampens an impulse to question his veracity. His professional background lends itself to the scientific method in effectively vetting sources— one of the most radical being an anonymous U.S. military whistleblower involved in highly classified projects related to underground structures. This man is heard describing advanced tech that sounds more like science fiction. Adding to the strangeness of it all was his reference to Salla having met with him in person to visit one of the undisclosed sites. Needless to say, Dr. Salla is similar to other independent journalists like Matt Taibbi, Kim Iverson, and the folks at Breaking Points in the awareness they’re in a minority of voices reporting on unpopular topics that go against a mainstream narrative.

I realize I’ve strayed from Keanu. Oops- just couldn’t help pointing out he’s in that UFO movie— the spirit of which evokes the shocking and complex nature of the Disclosure Movement. It’s interesting to note that despite The Matrix being from 1999, it’s still fresh as it relates to being “red-pilled”— understanding the possibility we’ve been deceived about many things including our planet’s history, and humanity’s place in the universe, as traversed by Bill and Ted. Kudos to Keanu Reeves for portraying mind-bending roles that compel anyone to say, “Whoah.”


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